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Creating the Conversation

Our experts provide education, training and engagement packages tackling a range of sensitive and divisive topics. Me and You Education create a safe space for honest conversations that challenge discrimination of all forms. Whatever your specific requirements, Me & You Education will support you to create the conversation.

Welcome to Me and You Education CIC.  We are an engagement consultancy and training organisation specialising in workshops, training and seminars that reduce susceptibility to any type of hate and discrimination.  From provision of mentoring and training packages, to leading challenging discussions on potentially polarising topics such as race, sexism or anti-semitism, we provide uniquely tailored packages to meet the needs of your school or organisation.

Using their real-world experiences to challenge resistance and discrimination, our experts invite audiences to focus on the commonalities of our human experience.

What We Do

Whether you work in a school or hospital setting, our team will create the space for open, honest conversations in your school, office or organisation. We provide a range of solutions that can be tailored to public or private sector institutions, individuals or entire corporate companies. Whatever your specific requirements, Me & You Education will support you to create the conversation.

Our services are split into 3 areas, Education, Training and Community Engagement. Further information about each of these services can be found below. We have received incredible feedback from clients and our testimonials over the years, which can be viewed on our case studies page. Simply contact us with your requirements and we will create a package that meets your needs. 

Countering Extremism

Extremists exploit vulnerabilities around identity, meaning and the natural desire to belong. Our workshops help students and teachers tackle these ‘hard’ topics. We empower staff to feel confident when dealing with this “hot potato” topic of extremism, as well as the Prevent agenda. For students, we help eliminate myths and enable discussions that are engaging, educational and maybe most importantly – lots of fun. With tailored sessions ranging from an hour to 2 day seminars we have a breadth of experience in this field.

We pride ourselves in providing robust counter narratives using all current and established theories.

What’s “Race” Got to do With it?

Give us a subscription and we’ll show you that none of us are “racially pure”. Each of us is a unique “pick ‘n’ mix” of various ethnicities – and that’s incredibly awesome.

DNA testing is a nifty trick when it comes to identifying criminals or tracing genetic conditions. But another smart use of this technology is using it to counteract

racist and sectarian ideas and prove that they don’t hold any water. With Africa being the cradle of civilization the human race originated from, how can anyone be 100 percent white?

Our DNA origins aren’t something we can delete. It’s as personal and unchangeable as our fingerprints and we have used DNA testing in our seminars to prove incredible facts.

A young lady in Manchester found traces of her DNA to be from a nomadic tribe in the Sahara, whilst a teacher from Nairobi shared DNA with a chef in Eastern Europe!

Demonstrating these tests in schools and communities have an intensely profound effect. It’s impossible to take a racist seriously when they find out they are one tenth Middle Eastern or Latin American.

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