We help your educational institution engage with pupils and staff right the way through KS1-KS4. Offering one to one or group work sessions engaging students on a range of topics from misogyny and racism to low self-esteem.

We have provided young people across the country with the tools to stand up to extremist thinking, whilst finding new ways to be confident in themselves. Our insights will teach you how to adopt safeguarding measures to combat extremism, xenophobia, racism and radicalisation in any environment.

Primary Schools

We have a range of workshops that focus on key areas supporting the PSHE Curriculum.  

Topics covered:

Overcoming Hate through Dialogue

Diversity and Community Cohesion 

Challenging negative stereotypes

Navigating and staying safe from harmful Internet content

Countering Extremism (see section in Secondary Schools that can be adjusted for Year 5/6 pupils)

We can also tailor sessions for all age groups. 

Secondary Schools

We have developed hard hitting and engaging content that has received 5* reviews and satisfaction ratings of over 90% from all the schools we have delivered to since 2014.   Our content will help you to fulfil your Prevent Duty and also engage with the SMSC objectives which will enable your school to achieve the cohesion agenda. We have a diverse team that work together to showcase how differences unite us against all forms of hatred. 

We help eliminate myths and enable discussions that are engaging, educational and maybe most importantly – lots of fun. With tailored sessions ranging from an hour to multi day projects. We can deliver to your specified needs.

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