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Whether you work in a school or hospital setting, our team will create the space for open, honest conversations in your workplace. We provide a range of solutions that can be tailored to public or private sector institutions, individuals or entire corporate companies. Whatever your specific requirements, Me & You Education will support you to create the conversation.

We provide services in three areas –  Education, Training and Community Engagement. Further information about each of these services can be found below.  Simply contact us with your requirements and we will create a package that meets your needs. 

Education Services

We help your educational institution engage with pupils and staff right the way through KS1-KS4. Offering one to one or group work sessions engaging students on a range of topics from misogyny and racism to low self-esteem.

We have provided young people across the country with the tools to stand up to extremist thinking, whilst finding new ways to be confident in themselves. Our insights will teach you how to adopt safeguarding measures to combat extremism, xenophobia, racism and radicalisation in any environment.

Cultural Awareness Training

Through our bespoke Equality Diversity and Inclusion Courses (EDI) we help train staff on compliance with HR legislation such as the Equalities Act 2010.

The equalities agenda covers 9 protected characteristics. Whilst our forte lies in addressing race and religion we also deal with gender, sexuality and issues such as gender-based violence. We are happy to engage with parents, teachers, pressure groups or local communities and never shy away from sensitive and difficult conversations.

Community Engagement Consultancy

Working with organisations such as the NHS, Police and Charities in order to bridge gaps with hard to reach communities. We build trust with the audience through provision of  faith-based and culturally sensitive tailor-made packages. Each project is bespoke and will be delivered to your timescales and organisational needs.

We have had various commissions over the years (since 2010) and have helped organisations and agencies engage with “hard to reach communities.” Our candid, can-do approach has always yielded excellent results.

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