We have carefully developed a number of successful CPD courses for your workforce, in the areas of Equality, Cultural Awareness, Cohesion, Prevent and Counter-Extremism.

Our practitioners have a wealth of information, insight and unique experiences that ensure our staff training is always accurate, engaging and thoroughly impactful. If the courses we have on offer don’t entirely meet your organisational needs, please get in touch so we can work on a bespoke package.

EDI – Equality and Diversity Inclusion Training (EDI)

Through our bespoke Equality Diversity and Inclusion Courses (EDI) we help train staff on compliance with HR legislation such as the Equalities Act 2010. 

The equalities agenda covers 9 protected characteristics. Whilst our forte lies in addressing race and religion we also address gender, sexuality and issues such as gender-based violence. We are happy to engage with parents, teachers, pressure groups or local communities and never shy away from sensitive and difficult conversations.

Cultural Awareness Training

Offering a 2 hour in house cultural engagement training session which guides staff through major do’s and don’ts of cultural engagement. Many people find themselves apprehensive when it comes to addressing cultural differences, scared that they may inadvertently cause offence by saying the wrong thing. Our trainers break down barriers and address all manner of political correctness concerns in an easy and comfortable environment.  Our specialism is Asian and Muslim culture but other communities can also be catered for. 

Countering Extremism Training

Extremists exploit vulnerabilities around identity and the natural desire to belong. We empower staff to feel confident when dealing with this “hot potato” topic of extremism, as well as the prevent agenda. 

Our training highlights the fact that each of us is a unique “pick ‘n’ mix” of various ethnicities!

We also look at how DNA testing is a nifty trick when it comes to identifying criminals or tracing genetic conditions. Another smart use of this technology is using it to counteract racist and sectarian ideas and prove that they don’t hold any water. With Africa being the cradle of civilization the human race originated from, how can anyone be 100 percent white?

Our DNA origins aren’t something we can delete. It’s as personal and unchangeable as our fingerprints and we have used DNA testing in our seminars to prove incredible facts.

A young lady in Manchester found traces of her DNA to be from a nomadic tribe in the Sahara, whilst a teacher from Nairobi shared DNA with a chef in Eastern Europe!

Demonstrating these tests in schools and communities have an intensely profound effect. It’s impossible to take a racist seriously when they find out they are one tenth Middle Eastern or Latin American. 

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